Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oman-Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm in Barka,Oman is about one and a half hours drive from Muscat. Even though it is named Ostrich Farm along with a flock of ostriches it is also home to a several sleepy crocodiles , horses and camels.
Ostriches are the largest bird species living in the world, flightless but capable of great pace (speeds of up to 70km/h have been recorded) and lays the largest egg of any bird species. The feathers of adult males are mostly black, with white at the ends of the wings and in the tail. Females and young males are greyish-brown and white. The head and neck of both male and female Ostriches is nearly bare, female and male ostriches alternate sitting on their eggs. The female sits on the eggs in the daytime, and the male sits on the eggs at night. They retain water from all the plants they eat. Their eyes are protected from desert sand storms by thick eyelashes. They use their wings to help them balance when running, and for displays. Male ostriches also use their wings for courtship displays.

Guess this ostrich wants to have a fly for his meal:)

Why are you staring at me?I know I am good looking...

Female Ostrich

Male Ostrich

Crocodiles are ambush hunters, waiting for fish or land animals to come close, then rushing out to attack. As cold-blooded predators, they are lethargic, therefore survive long periods without food, and rarely need to actively go hunting.Crocodiles do not have sweat glands, so they release heat through their mouths. Consequently, they often sleep with their mouth open and may even pant like a dog.

We saw a few camels.

Come..Join me for a ride...

A part of the farm being watered.


  1. Wow Shantana, What a neat farm to go to. I'll bet your little girl loved seeing all of those animals. The Croc's look mean!!!! Love the Ostriches.

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Now there's a bird we don't get at Magee Marsh!

  3. What a great post, and very informative.
    You caught that fly catching Ostrich perfectly.
    I bet you had a fantastic time.

  4. Great shot of ostrich eyelashes in the 3rd photo. This place has a very different (drier) feel than the Qurum Park where you often go.

  5. Looks like a fabulous place to visit. Great birds and animals. Those crocs look mean!

  6. xllnt shots...!!!tnx a lot for sharing...

  7. I love the ostrich shots! Very nice photos.

  8. Wow I bet the odds of getting that photo of the fly becoming dinner is a million to one...Wonderful Capture there! I would love to see these animals in the wilds...Imagine camels used to roam in herds over much of North America! That just blows my mind...

  9. That looks like a fun place to visit. I didn't know that alligators sometimes pant like dogs.

    We saw ostriches when we visited the zoo in Memphis, TN. They are so big. We also saw some of their eggs.

  10. Awesome photography and a lovely blog on the whole. :)

  11. Beautiful photos of the ostriches!! Looks like fun on the horses!! I thought our alligators were bad, but your crocodiles look even scarier!

  12. Ostriches are such imposing birds. We always had wild Emus visiting our grazing property.
    A leisurely ride on a placid horse offers a great view for a tiny person.

  13. I find somehow the ostriches funny with that big body and a really small head. They are not the smartest birds but interesting one.

  14. Lovely photos! Despite the ostriches' size/height their heads look so delicate and so beautiful!! Enjoyed seeing all the shots...the ones of you all on the horse(s) too!

  15. Ostrichs used to live in oman but I bet they never saw a Crocodile so its a surprise the Croc dosnt eat the other animals .

  16. How lovely to have a park like that nearby! i love the ostrich, once i saw 7 dancing all togther! such a sight!

    the photos are so nice, how close were you to get the fly and ostrich? and are the crocodiles in a pen?

    thank you for sharing,

  17. Beautiful photos of the ostrich and the crocodile~! Here in South Africa, we also have many ostrich farms. Do you know that they make feather dusters with the feathers of an ostrich here in South Africa? Interesting post~! :O)

  18. Hi
    Greetings from Coimbatore.I came in through Lakshmi's.Used to live in Oman early nineties and have great memories.You have a series of wonderful posts.The Ostrich farm & crocs are charming. Qurram beach & backwaters have such a diverse variety of water birds.Excellent photographs and informative script. Enjoyed this post.You are welcome to my blog.Regards Ram

  19. Beautiful photos...very nice blog. Congratulations.


  20. Great post..... we off to Nahda resort soon and might drop by at the ostrich farm

  21. They are closing soon.. so people before you miss this adventure, make a trip fast

  22. awesome summary...brilliant photographs.

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  24. Beautiful photos of the ostrich and the crocodile~! Here in South Africa, we also have many ostrich farms. Do you know that they make feather dusters with the feathers of an ostrich here in South Africa? Interesting post~! :O)

  25. Hi. Beautiful pics ya.. i found your page while searching for information on ostrich park which we find on the way to muscat. We are planning to drive down to muscat during eid holidays. Can you please give me some guidelines on how much time it will take to reach ostrich park from the visa check post point. any other nearby place we can visit after ostrich park.

  26. Can you please tell us the route from muscat? are there any landmarks arnd or directions?

  27. Friends, Do not bother to go to the Barka Ostrich Farm.... I had been there a few years ago, and it was maintained very well, but I found out last week that the South Africans who were running the farm have left, and the entire area is in shambles... One Bihari guy just collects money for entry, and there are very few (no more than ten) ostriches, a few cows, goats, and four or five crocodiles. It is just not worth it at all. Gone are the days when the South Africans will sell painted egg shells with a stand etc. Dont waste your time.
    Location: From Muscat to Dubai route, look for Burka roundabout. Take a left turn, and drive until you find a right turn towards a Spa resort. About 500 metres ahead on the left side is this so-called ostrich farm, if you want to waste your time.

    So was the trip to the "Sink Hole" and the "wadi" near Sur. Directions are poor, and there is hardly anything to see there!!

  28. Thanks for a detailed answer

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