Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oman-Ras Al Haad Turtle Reserve(Second visit).

We had visited Ras Al Haad Turtle reserve in July this year for the second time . We were both happy and sad, the new regulation restricted usage of camera at night to shoot turtles laying eggs. Though we were able to site a few green turtles laying eggs we were not able to frame them. We had to drive down 250 kilometres by the new picturesque Sur road, a far cry from the earlier 500 km long Sur road .

The beach at dawn...

Evening view of the approach road from top of an adjacent mountain.

The hotel.

We however framed a few images while the turtles were covering the eggs with layers of sand (using their front flippers) at the break of dawn. This action of the turtle helps protect the eggs from natural predators like foxes and birds.

Turtle's journey back to the sea.

Closeup of the rocky mountains.

Our new vehicle.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sister's Muscat Visit

Lost and found (way to our Blog)!!! We have been missing from blogger action. The kids are really keeping us busy. Hopefully by next year we will be regular. Just wanted to share a few pics of what we spotted while my sis was on vacation here. Time with family is precious...
Birds are back on Qurum Beach...and we went after this bird in particular..

And so are the crabs.

Hiya is now 8 months and a brat...

My sis Nina.

Diya with her cousins Saanya and Raunak.

Hiya with her cousins.

We had a great time with Nina's family.

We finally managed a family pic:)