Sunday, December 21, 2014

Birds and butterflies of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Our last day in Bera,Rajasthan,India and with no sightings of leopards we were happy to at least get a few shots of these birds :)
Red rumped swallows.

Indian Robin - male.
Indian Robin - male.

These two were arguing :)
After breakfast we bid our friends goodbye and set out for Udaipur for our night stay as we had an early morning flight to catch. After almost a five hour drive we checked into our hotel and after a cup of coffee went for a walk and saw these beauties.
This little squirrel was really cute.

Red-wattled Lapwing.

Brahminy Starling.

White Wagtail.

Not sure about this one's ID.

Baya Weaver.
While in Bera we had the opportunity to interact with Yuwaraj Gurjar ( also part of the DCP team)a very well known  and passionate nature lover and internationally acclaimed Wildlife Photographer and who is in love with butterflies. He has even created an android app called "I Love Butterflies" which helps one identify and learn more about these winged beauties. Diya and Hiya have fondly named him "Butterfly Uncle" and their interest in butterflies have grown along with mine...Here are a few shots in Bera.

Common Gull.

Common Gull.
Grass Jewel- India's tiniest butterfly with partial wings open.

Common Grass Yellow - mating pair.

Common Gull.


Plain Tiger.

Small Salmon Arab.

Plain Tiger.
Common Grass Yellow.
Our stay in Udaipur ends here but fond memories linger...
As the year ends wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a fantastic year ahead!