Saturday, September 5, 2015

Visiting friends in Pune,Maharashtra. India

As usual we are in and out of bloggerland....lazy at times, busy at times...travelling at times but finally we are here with our blog after a very long time!
This was our first visit to Pune in the western state of Maharashtra, India for a short one week trip visiting close friends. Getting away from the terribly HOT(49 degree Celsius) and humid weather was a big relief!!
On our way we were greeted by pleasant weather where the monsoon clouds romanced the mountains amidst the greens, a welcome change from the desert heat.
Our drive from Mumbai to Pune was about three and a half hours. Once we were at our friends place we just lazed around for the rest of the day - catching up after years...
The next day we planned a trip to Tamhini Ghat, located on the crest of the Western Ghat mountain ranges.Tamhini Ghat is noted for its surroundings comprising scenic waterfalls, lakes and dense woods specially during the monsoon season. 
Our friend had already hired a car and so we were off around 11 a.m really excited and the weather was sunny and warmed our spirits!!
As the GPS indicated, we had arrived at the Tamhini Ghat where we stopped and this is what we saw...
Took a few more shots only to realize that this was not the Tamhini Ghat we were looking for. On checking with local people we found the actual ghat was around 90 odd Kms from this location. Technology had failed us for some reason. So off we went searching for the real Tamhini...
Enroute we were glad to witness the fog...the heavy downpour of rains and excited kids wanting to get wet in the rain...something we miss in Dubai.
Some shots captured on the way...

A train traverses through the mountain range, quite oblivious of its pristine surroundings...
It was already dusk by the time we took this last pic and had a long way to drive back. So even if we never really got to Tamhini Ghat we thoroughly enjoyed our trip with the beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rains, local food. A real balm for our parched souls...and above all in company of close friends. Kids made up their own jingle every time it poured. It was really about the journey not the destination.

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