Monday, November 16, 2015

Trek to Rudranath Temple(Day2), Uttarakhand, India.

Initially, I was very disappointed with the photographs. Modern technology is advanced yet was unable to capture the actual colour, contrasts, experience and feeling of awe about the place. Hope through these photographs you will be able to experience the journey.

I woke up at 5 in the morning, with a hangover of the previous days's climb, lack of oxygen did not help either.
I was staring at nothing less than the  Mighty and Majestic Himalayas!! I did not want to think about the hardships, they didn't matter much. For not every time you get to see the clouds below you nor do you get the opportunity to look down at the birds soaring below. You are abode the Himalayas!! Sanskrit word, meaning Him-snow, alaya-home or home of  snow.

Sunrise behind the Himalayas-Clouds floating on the grass atop the mountains at Panar Bugyal.

Golden glow on the 'Chaukhamba' peak 

It took us almost 7 hours to reach Rudranath. It is almost at a similar height as Panar Bugayal, though I had to climb uphill and down hill. Rudranath Temple is located at the edge of the mountain below.Yet again was too tired by the time we reached the temple.
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