Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wahiba Sands.

Wahiba Sands (in Oman) is about three hours drive from Muscat. Traditional home of the Bedouin, this region is named after the Wahiba tribe. It is usual to camp overnight and indulge in dune bashing, Quad bike rides, Camel rides or simply laze around.

After quick refreshments we were on our 4WD
vehicle warming up for action......We visited a
nearby animal shelter. This is what we saw...
Maternal bliss ...A week old calf

"Sands are so boring".....Yawn ! But not for us

The camera bugs started clicking..... With the
golden sands seemed out of the

The ever-changing patterns of dunes are indeed
a photographer’s delight!

Then came the most exciting part...Dune Bashing
(racing up and down the sand dunes).Driver told
us to put on our seatbelts and suddenly we took
off and found ourselves swaying from side to side,
with the nose of our vehicle pointing towards the
heavens,with our hearts in our mouth. Then we
zoomed down the sand dune and up again and
this went on for about 10minutes.One of our
friends was literally chanting "Oh my God!!! "
throughout.It was an experience we will always
remember.Nothing less then a heart attack.

We then witnessed the amazing desert sunset
from the top of a dune.

As night fell we enjoyed the tranquility of the
desert and the clear sky above us.


  1. What a landscape! Dune bashing sounds like fun...even if they're scary. The sunset shot is spectacular. I like the last one too. As for the camel shots--cute!!

  2. Oh my goodness -- that is so beautiful. Esp. the purple-blue sky against the red sand.

  3. I love the Wahiba - esp the people living in it

  4. Some of the prettiest scenery I've seen. Love the camel too. Your pictures are just beautiful.

  5. What beautiful pictures! Love the first one of the sand dune. And I just have to say, dune bashing looks and sounds like loads of fun! Glad you had a great time!

  6. Beautiful photos! I especially like the photos of the camel.

  7. You're right about the sand; it makes wonderful sculptures and shadows. Lovely pictures all, but that young camel - aw!

    Like the last picture particularly, and interesting how you've caught the four shadows against the sand too.

  8. Kanak,Dune bashing was fun and scary.We were surprised that Diya really enjoyed.She was not even two:)Why don't you come over then you can experience it first hand:)

    Olivia, it did take our breath away as it was so beautiful

    Oman thanks for your comments.

    Mildred thanks for your kind words .Much appreciated.

    Susie,you will love the dune bashing.Do try to come over and we can join you:)

    Elaine,thanks for your comments.

    Tricia,glad you liked the pictures.Arunava made us stand in line to get the shot of the shadows at sunset:)

  9. Wow! That is amazing. Great pictures of the desert and dunes. Dune bashing sounds really exciting.

  10. Wow---you two take fabulous pictures. That ride through the sands would be SO much fun!!!!! Was your heart in your throat?????

    Love that baby Camel also. What a Cutie!!

  11. the land looks very soft....
    the ride through the sands sounds fabulous !!
    brave snaps

  12. What an amazing experience that must've been. Thanks for taking us along! Those sand dunes are beautiful.

  13. The dunes are a photographer's delight and spectacular. What I do not like is the disturbance of the dunes with four wheel drives, but I do understand that it is a thrill, fun and scary at the same time. It is probably a little like the rough drives on Frazer Island. That is just me I do not like the disturbance of quiet, beautiful places with machines. Your photos show a wondrous, beautiful place.

  14. Hi,
    I love the dunes pictures. This changes a lot from what I'm used to see... a gorgeous trip it seems.

  15. Holdingmoments,glad you liked the pics.Dne bashing was fun.

    Betsy,it definitely was...what an experience!!

    Susan,thanks for visiting and your comments.Loved your blogs.You are really creative.

    Jenny,thanks and you are welcome.

    Titania,we appreciate your concerns for nature.

    Chris,thanks for visiting and glad you liked the pics.We really enjoyed ourselves specially our 2 yr old daughter:)

  16. Dune bashing looks like a good time...maybe a little dangerous! Beautiful captures of the dunes and the sky..such a peaceful setting at night!

  17. You have some spectacular photos here. Brilliant.

  18. What dramatic, beautiful photos. Certainly a much different environment than here in Pennsylvania!

  19. Love the different sand colours,fantastic collection of images.
    Well done.Also thank you for your kind comments on our Blog.

  20. ...beautiful photos! Love the designs in the sand...and the camel is great too!!

  21. Wow! Exciting and beautiful - what a combination!