Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Greater Flamingos.

Qurum beach is a respite during the hot summers.
On and off we are there during the weekends.

Qurum beach by dusk.

As we drove past the beach we were plesently
surprised to spot Flamingos on the opposite
Flamingos live in mudflats and shallow coastal
lagoons with salt water.They need lots of quiet
and privacy. From the road you can only see
bits of pink in the distance without binoculars.
A gray flamingo is a young one. The young
flamingos aren't as jitterish as the adults.
Males and females look alike, although the
male is a little larger.
When an area no longer provides enough food,
the flamingos will migrate to another location
at night.

Here are some close shots we were able to get
when we were on our trip to Masirah Island in


  1. How pretty the flamingos are and the water is so beautiful. What magical pictures you shared today Shantana.

  2. wow...they are gorgeous! There was a flamingo in Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina. Not sure why he was there or how he got there. They were going to relocate him, but he disappeared

  3. Great capture of these magnificent birds. And so many of them too! Qurum beach at dusk looks magical.

  4. Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing!

  5. The beach looks like a lovely place for some R&R and the flamingos are amazing!

  6. What fantastic photos, both of the flamingos and the beach. What a totally different world from mine. I want palm trees, too!!

  7. I love those flamingos. When we were at the zoo a few weeks ago we saw them. They're really pretty.

  8. I've only ever seen these in zoos; it must be great to see them in the wild.
    Interesting information too.

  9. Hello Arunava and Shantana, gosh these are such beautiful photos, love the flamingos and the gorgeous blue water and golden beach, just beautiful, happy days, Kathy.

  10. Hi Shantana, We are home from our Anniversary trip. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

    Hope you are having a great week. The Flamingos are gorgeous.


  11. Mildred,glad you enjoyrd the pics.

    Dirt Princess,maybe he had just lost his way,cos' they are usually in groups.Hope he found his family:)

    Kanak,Qurum beach is beautiful about 10km from home.Diya loves the waters.she wants to swim but we have to learn first to teach her.ha ha

    Caroline,thanks for your comments.

    Jenny,the beach is definitely to chill:)

    Angela,thanks for visiting our blog and your kind words.We can't send you the palm trees but can definitely send some dates:)

    Susie,Flamingos are beautiful birds..pinky pinky...

    Keith,It was very exciting when we spotted them.We went back yesterday but the level of the water went down so none of teh flamingos were there.ope they return and have not migrated.

    Kathy,Thanks for your comments .Much appreciated.

    Betsy,thanks and looking forward to your post.

  12. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of a juvenile flamingo before! Great shots!


  13. Thanks for his visits and comments in my Blog.
    They have interesting photos.

  14. The picture of the beach at dusk is truly a work of art. I also like your pictures of the flamingos. Thanks for visiting my site.

  15. These are gorgeous. Oh I would love to see these also. The flamingo is such an interesting creature.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Great Flamingo Images, love the reflections.
    Outstanding work,well done also thankyou for your kind comments,on our Blog.
    Always love looking in on your Blog.

  17. What amazing birds, we do have some domestic ones in theme parks, but nothing on this scale.

  18. how lovely! i love the pink of these birds :)

  19. HI,
    I really enjoyed this post. I used to see them everyday in Camargue, France, when I lived there. I did not see them for a while now, almost a year.
    You got beautiful capture of them.

  20. These pictures of flamingos are the best!!!!!! Indeed, your whole blog is beautiful!

  21. Hi! Your photos are stunning! I love your mosaics....the flowers are gorgeous!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. It's interesting to see how you get closer and closer to those beautiful birds ... from some pink spots to a clear flamingo shot.