Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Masirah Island

Masirah island is located just off the southeast coast of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula.There is so much to see in Oman and Masirah Island is one of its lesser known gems full of prestine beauty and wildlife.Masirah is truly a Desert Island with a rocky east coast facing the strong northwestern winds and a protected western coast with large bays and muddy sabkha's (salt-flats). The main income is from the fishery.

We drove down 500 km from Muscat to reach Shana.The crossing to the island is via a ferry connection from Shana on the mainland.We had a difficult time as we were not sure from which side the barge would leave as all this depends on high water to make the landing.We spent quite sometime waiting on the barge and the complex manoeuvring to get all cars in.

These are the barges that ferry us to the island.

A glimpse of Masirah Island from the sea.

We finally reached our destination after being
on the barge for almost two hours.

The next morning we decided to go fishing in
the misdst of the sea.However the fishes were
fishy and eluded us.

Fish-fast time(breakfast time).

Oops!! I'm too wet.

Flight of fancy.

I'm watching you.

Enough of you!Let's go...

Back to work on our fishing boat.

I'll be on your cruet set after they clean me
-Salt bag.

The journey ended with a promise for another


  1. On a boat in to Masirah...sounds exotic!! Great shots of the birds. The last pic is absolutely stunning!

    Hmm...3.41 AM! I've never posted that late or that early!! But an hour earlier...oh yes, I have!!! Keep on blogging!

  2. Great scene shots,bird images very nice.
    Well done.

  3. Thanks for visiting my Blog you are welcome!!

  4. Enjoyed the trip.
    Lovely bird pics, and sunset.

  5. Never thought this place is so much to offer. Beautiful snaps, especially the sunset snap.

  6. Thanks Kanak, we were indeed lucky to be there and had a great time.

    John,thanks for your encouraging views.

    Juan,thanks for visiting our blog too:-)

    Holdingmoments,thanks for your comments.

    Rajesh,thanks for visiting NatureStop.

  7. Oh I enjoyed these pictures much. That is a golden eagle, right? This looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  8. Sounds like an exotic trip. Love the blue of the water. I feel that water in the middle of a desert is even more blue than normal water bodies. Nice pictures.

  9. Cool shots. The sunset image where the boat is right under the sun is a fantastic image.

    A couple of tips from a composition perspective, this is ofcourse a matter of personal taste, Pl. ignore if you find them too interfering.

    , Firstly that image will look even better if the horizon were straight, this can be done by slightly rotating the image in any image editing software. Secondly, if the sun & boat were composed a little to the left. These 2 correction will make this a masterpiece capture.

    You might want to read any online articles on "Rule of third" and you will understand where I m coming from...Regards, Thomas

  10. Dear Thomas, Thanks for taking time out to suggest...appreciate your gesture. Would try and develop ourselves next time...promise.

  11. Susie,this is indeed a great place to visit during winters.Do come over.We are still not sure about the names of the birds:)

    Vamsee,you can actually see the sea as BLUE.Very refreshing indeed:)

  12. What a wonderful place to visit! I really enjoyed seeing all the birds, which are very exotic to me, living half a world away. :) Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your very kind comment!

  13. I really enjoyed reading of your adventures, sounds like the perfect life for you two(three). I love the sunset capture here...mesmerizing! The Common Kingfisher from your previous post is such a beautiful capture as well!

  14. Great shots on the birds. It is out of my imagination that we are able to see so many types of bird in Oman

  15. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. What pretty scenery and the sunset is amazing. Just absolutely beautiful photography.

  16. Mary,Thank you for your wife waited for me to come back from office to narrate her experience with Mosiac Monday...Thanks for making her day

    spookydragonfly ...thanks for your lively comments

    Mildred...Thanks for your encouraging comments